Court: dismissal of Polish Radio Channel One director illegal

A court in Warsaw entered today a judgment in the case of Kamil Dąbrowa, a former editor-in-chief at Channel One of the Polish Radio. At the beginning of January, the journalist was dismissed after he had the national anthem of Poland and the anthem of the European Union aired before news services. The court awarded […]

ECtHR: dismissal of Hungarian chief justice violated European Convention on Human Rights

The Grand Chamber of the Court of Human Rights ruled that the 2011 termination of Andras Baka’s mandate of the president of the Hungarian Supreme Court had violated the European Convention on Human Rights. The ECtHR ruled that the case involved a violation of the applicant’s right of access to a court and right to […]

HFHR appeals against court-ordered total incapacitation. Will the Constitutional Tribunal step in?

The HFHR submitted an appeal against a court decision ordering the total incapacitation of an elderly person with a disability. According to the HFHR, total incapacitation constitutes a disproportionate interference with this person’s rights and liberties.


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