Meeting of interns with pro bono lawyers

Interns of the HFHR and the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights have attended a meeting with the members of the Warsaw Bar Association on public interest activities. Students talked to Małgorzata Mączka-Pacholak and Paweł Osik, attorneys of Pietrzak Sidor & Wspólnicy.

HFHR on ten-year administrative proceedings

The HFHR has submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Administrative Court, commenting on the excessive duration of administrative proceedings that were has been pending for almost a decade. The main purpose of the opinion is to summarise the jurisprudence of the ECtHR related to the calculation of the excessive length.

Insufficient protection of witnesses and crime victims – HFHR intervenes

The HFHR has asked the Minister of Justice to take legislative action to address the unconstitutionality of certain provisions of the Act on protecting and assisting crime victims and witnesses.


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