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New elections law: new problems. HFHR comments on a law setting special rules for the carrying out of universal elections of the President of Poland

♦ In an opinion presented to the Senate, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has noted that the special electoral law passed by the Lower House (the Sejm) contains measures which undermine the equality of elections and legal certainty. ♦ The Foundation has also expressed concerns over how the electoral packages are to be distributed. […]

JUSTICIA’s statement on protecting human rights in places of detention during the Covid-19 crisis

Rights Behind Bars During Covid-19 JUSTICIA recently called for action to address the unjustified and excessive use of pre-trial detention which remains all too common in the EU. In the grip of COVID-19, the need to address overcrowding and systemic rights abuses in Europe’s prisons (unjustified detention and inhumane conditions) has taken on new urgency. Incarcerated people are some of the most vulnerable to infectious […]

HFHR comments on all-postal presidential election bill

Possible non-compliance with the principle of universal, secret and personal ballot, the undermined role of the State Electoral Commission (SEC) and numerous inaccuracies and gaps leading to, among other things, inability to specify detailed rules of voting, are among the objections raised by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in its comments to the bill […]


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