ECtHR rejected Poland’s appeal in CIA prisoners’ case

ECtHR informed that it rejected the appeal against the judgment of July 2014. The ruling, issued in the case brought by the CIA prisoners, al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah, against Poland pointed to a number of Convention rights violations, including that of the prohibition of torture, the right to a fair trial or the right to […]


Foreigners in Poland – new HFHR publication

As part of the project “Foreigners rights – human rights. Training in migration law” the HFHR issued a publication “Foreigners in Poland. A textbook for public officials”, which outlines in a clear and accessible manner all means of legalising foreigners’ stay in Poland. The textbook also discusses the basic issues of multiculturalism.


CAB had right to deny information on RCS software

The Provincial Administrative Court has dismissed the HFHR’s complaint against a decision of the Head of the Central Anti-corruption Bureau. The CAB denied the Foundation access to information on whether or not the agency uses the Remote Control System (RCS) software.


MoI: refugee applications of Ukrainians are thoroughly reviewed

“Due to a complicated and difficult situation in Ukraine refugee applications made by Ukrainian citizens are subject to a very thorough review on a case-by-case basis”, stated the MoI in response to the HFHR’s letter concerning the situation of Ukrainian refugees.


What were tax authorities said to do in 2011?

The Minister of Finance complied with a judgment of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw and disclosed to the HFHR the document entitled “Responsibilities of Tax Audit Offices for 2011”. The disclosure concludes one of the two Foundation’s legal disputes with the Finance Ministry.

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