Mandatory placement at nursing homes is unconstitutional

Under the applicable law, the procedure for placing legally incapacitated persons at state-operated nursing homes is contrary to the Polish Constitution and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the HFHR argues. The Helsinki Foundation called on the Human Rights Defender to initiate the constitutional review of the relevant provisions of law.


First punish, then treat?

An amendment to the Criminal Code has been presented for the President’s signature. The law introduces, among other things, a possibility to impose involuntary treatment of persons who served their criminal sentences. The measures laid down in the amendment have raised major concerns regarding their constitutionality. The HFHR has called the President to launch a […]


Prisoners working on motorway construction – further developments

In January, the HFHR addressed the Ministry of Justice in relation to a news article on “lending out” prisoners as workforce at the construction site of a junction of A2 motorway.


Will Minister of Justice be able to access court files?

An amendment to the Courts Act has been presented for the President’s signature. The law introduces provisions that enable the Minister of Justice to process and use personal and sensitive data recorded in court files. The new regulation has been challenged, among others, by judges and the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.. […]


Are exam conditions adjusted to needs of students with disabilities?

The HFHR has filed a public information request to the Head of the National Examination Board, inquiring about the implementation of laws that require the adjustment of conditions and forms of educational tests and exams to the needs of students with disabilities. The Foundation’s request was prompted by a complaint alleging an improper implementation of […]

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