Secret services hearing before Constitutional Tribunal adjourned sine die

After a three-day hearing the Constitutional Tribunal adjourned sine die the ruling on a case involving control over secret services. The case has been brought on the initiative of the Human Rights Defender and Prosecutor General. The applicants argue a constitutional violation caused by the absence of a clearly defined set of technical measures which [...]


Return to the roots of ECtHR

This week, on 7-8 April, Oslo hosted a conference discussing the future of the European Court of Human Rights The event, organised under the auspices of the Council of Europe, became one of the most important in a series of debates on the Court’s long-term future started with the Brighton Conference in 2012.


Another expulsion without court

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has yet another time informed the Ministry of the Interior about the practice of expelling foreigners before the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw can hear their appeal against a decision declining them refugee status.


Do Polish secret services use tools for the remote control of computers and phones?

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has filed access to public information motions with the Internal Security Agency and the Central Anti-corruption Bureau, requesting the agencies to disclose whether they operationally use Remote Control System (RCS) software.


HFHR’s statement on detained civic journalist

Responding to the pre-trial detention of the civic journalist Paweł M. the HFHR has sent a letter to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra.

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